Pictures from Chatham's Past: 1960's

Picnic at Cedars Country Club

Brian Cummins tends hot dogs on the grill at Cedars Country Club at a summer 1961 poolside picnic. Meg Willis, to the right of him, samples a result. (See additional comments and photograph.) The photograph is by John L. Beaver.

Christmas Parade

The 1960 Christmas parade is proceeding south along North Main Street at the Chatham Presbyterian Church (in background). Patsy Motley Hamilton's carriage is a parade entry representing the local garden clubs. Behind the carriage is seen a truck from Bettie W. Watson Coal, Wood, and Oil Company. (Photograph by John L. Beaver.)

Christmas Parade

Patsy Motley Hamilton and her carriage are now directly in front of the church. Parked just in front of the carriage appears to be a 1957 Ford station wagon, and beside and to the rear of the carriage are 1957 and 1959 Ford sedans. The carriage was later purchased by, and is now the property of, R. V. "Buddy" Overbey, Jr. (Photograph by John L. Beaver.)

Santa Triumphs

Santa (16-year-old Nelson Giles) has arrived in a red 1960 Triumph TR-3, chauffeured by Johnny Floyd! The location is along North Main Street in front of the Methodist parsonage (the photographer, John L. Beaver, was standing in the same spot for all three of these photographs). The Triumph has its own illustrious history as a Chatham "citizen:" first it was owned by James Jones; at the time of this photograph it was in the inventory of Floyd-Daniel Ford; and after the parade it was purchased by Dr. G. V. Thompson, Sr., who drove it for many years.

HMA Champion Basketball Team 1961

In early 1961 Hargrave Military Academy's varsity basketball championship team won the state military school championship after a stunning 19-1 record. Including pre- and post-season, their won-lost total was 26-1. (See further details.) The photograph is from HMA's 1961 yearbook, The Cadence.

Wimpy's, Chatham, Virginia

Cheerleaders, players, and fans from Chatham High School gather at Wimpy's after a basketball game in early 1965 . (See further details.) The photograph is from Chatham High School's 1965 yearbook, The Cavalier.

Main Street, Chatham, Virginia

The west side of Main Street, as seen from the Court Place intersection, ca. 1965. The photograph is from the Hargrave Military Academy 1966 yearbook, The Cadence. (See also a 2005 photograph of the same location.)

Main Street, Chatham, Virginia

The west side of Main Street, looking south toward the Depot Street intersection on a snowy day during the winter of 1967. The 1959 Pontiac Catalina seen parked near the center of the photograph belonged to Johnny Beaver, who at the time was Quartermaster at Hargrave Military Academy. The photograph is from the Hargrave Military Academy 1967 yearbook, The Cadence.


In the Pittsylvania County Bicentennial parade, held in June 1967, local "batteaux-men" with their poles are, from left, Stuart Todd, Earl Allen Hedrick, J. Hartwell "Buster" Motley, Jr., and Henry Mitchell. The parade is proceeding north along Main Street. In the background are the Mick or Mack Grocery, Ivelle's Dress Shop, and Leggett's Department Store. (Photograph by Patricia Beaver Mitchell.)

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