Viccellio Brothers and White, ca. 1920's

Images are from the collection of John Shannon Viccellio, grandson of Asa Viccellio. Descriptive notes are by Henry H. Mitchell.

Viccellio Brothers and White, Chatham, Virginia Viccellio Brothers tag, Chatham, Virginia

In a photograph (upper right) probably from the 1920's, the Viccellio Brothers and White implement store is seen, with Bolanz's Corner on the far left, and Hunt Motors on the immediate left. (Compare with more recent views of the same area. The Viccellio Brothers and White building is now occupied by Chatham Furniture Co., and has a modern facade.)

Local history researcher and auto enthusiast Dave Roach suggests that the two trucks parked in front of the store are probably Reo (Ransom E. Olds) Speed Wagons, forerunners of the modern pickup truck. The year of manufacture of these Speed Wagons is not determined, but they may be from the teens rather than the twenties. The identity of the car on the far left is unclear, but it may be a Model T Ford.

Note also the gasoline pump at the curb in front of Viccellio Brothers and White.

At lower right is a detail from a printed tag used at Viccellio Bros. Apparently “White” was not a partner with the Viccellio brothers Henry and Charles (see photo) at the time of the printing of this tag. Its date is unknown.

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