Happy in a World of … Hurts!

216 N. Main St., Chatham, Virginia
By Sarah E. Mitchell and Henry H. Mitchell

Dr. Richard White House

The Dr. Richard White house was built around 1837, but it may be a remodeling of an 1810 house. It had several additions and changes during its early years, but the resulting Gothic roofline and latticed porch have been in place for well over a century.

Dr. Richard White was one of Chatham's three early physicians to build on adjacent lots (Dr. Robert Coles and Dr. Chesley Martin were the other two). After Dr. White's death, Stanhope S. Hurt purchased the home. He is remembered for serving as Clerk of Court for 63 years, a record for continous U. S. elective office.

After subsequent ownership by the Hundleys, several decades ago the house was repurchased by the history-conscious Hurt family, and is now the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hurt.

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