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Genealogical Treasures at the Clerk's Office

By Herman Melton and Henry Mitchell

Clerk's Office Entrance

Visiting hours for those wishing to research records in the Clerk's Office are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for public holidays. A visit to this well-organized and hospitable records repository is certain to be a rewarding experience. (See Pittsylvania County Clerk's Office Floor Plan, which contains a detailed listing of records in the clerk's office.)

For those who wish to avail themselves of the information found at the Clerk's Office without a personal visit, the address of the Clerk of Court is: Mr. H. F. Haymore, Clerk of Circuit Court, Pittsylvania County, P. O. Drawer 31, Chatham, VA 24531. The Clerk of Court will honor specific requests for copying documents (an item or two, no research involved, if book and page number are supplied by the requester). Marriage certificates are provided (certified copies) at $5.00 each; all other certified copies are provided at $2.50 per document plus copier costs. (An individual making copies without staff assistance may use the copier in the office for $0.50 per page.)

If an individual lacks specific book and page number information, and cannot go the Clerk's Office in person to do the research needed, it is suggested by the Clerk of Court that one of the following local professional researchers be contacted:

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