Chatham Critters

By Henry Mitchell

Praying Mantis

“Just praying!” (9/18/2006)

White Squirrel

Chatham's almost-all-white squirrel. (9/24/2006)

Roof, Roof

“Roof, roof!” Tennessee Williams, please take note! (4/29/2006, photo by David Mitchell.)



Book Dog

Buddy, supervisor of Chatham Books, along with his assistant, Bill Hewitt. (9/30/2005)

V Is For Victory

“V is for victory!” (9/26/2006)


Sandy. (9/30/2005)

Porch Cat

I am purroud and purrtective of my porrch. (9/18/2005)

Sidewalk Dog

I am protective of my sidewalk. (9/21/2005)

Classical Cat

I purrfur to relax among classical motifs. (9/14/2005)

Walking Cat

I'd purrfur for you to let me rub on you. (9/24/2005)

Porch Dog

I'd prefer to sleep. (9/21/2005)

Chatham's Loch Ness Monster

Chatham's Loch Ness Monster. (9/10/2005)

Hiding Dog

You can't seeee meeee! (9/26/2005)

Guinea Rooster in Chatham

A guinea for your thoughts! (Photo by Jonathan Mitchell, 9/5/2005.)

Generation Gap Cats

A generation gap. (9/25/2005.)

Rush Hour in Chatham

Rush hour in Chatham. (6/20/2005)

Rush Hour at Another Level

Rush hour in Chatham at another level. (6/26/2005)

North Westie and South Westie

North Westie and South Westie. (10/15/2005)

Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down

Sunday mornin' comin' down. (6/19/2005)

Monday on Main Street

Monday is a little slow, too. (6/20/2005)

Look Alive There

Hey, look alive there! (6/20/2005)

A Girl's Second Best Friend

Flowers are a girl's second best friend. (6/20/2005)

Pino's customer

Driving Miss Daisy. (12/2002)


I selected the carpet to match my eyes! (6/25/2005)

Pecan Pie Thief

Pecan pie thief caught in the act on Whittle Street. (1999)

Fast Food Cats

Fast food service can be stressful. (9/25/2005.)


Grazing at dusk, alongside Town Park. (10/28/2005.)

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