Ranch Style Architecture
in Historic Chatham, Virginia

By Henry Mitchell.

During the mid-1900's, Colonial Revival cottages evolved into more horizontal structures, lower to the ground, with lower-pitched roofs, often with carports, and took on the western motif popularized by movies and television. Thus was born the “Rancher” house. They symbolized rugged individualism and American patriotism, and offered the entire spectrum of creature comforts and construction costs.

In Chatham, the presence of Ranchers is a clear indication of development after the early 1950's.

(See also architectural pattern books from the period, containing Ranch Style examples.)

Holt Street

The Coles-Yeatts house on Holt Street was built in 1957, and was one of the first all-electric “Gold Medallion” homes in the area.

501 South Main

501 South Main is one of Chatham's two most elaborate ranch houses. The other faces it across the street (see immediately below).

502 South Main

502 South Main.

106 Hunt Street

106 Hunt Street is, in comparison to the two preceding examples, a very modest ranch house, built as a prefabricated structure by Shanaberger Homes.

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