Holt Street
Chatham, Virginia

Edited by Henry Mitchell.

South Side

Holt Street

25 Holt Street (9/2006). This was an all-electric “Gold Medallion Home” (perhaps Chatham's first) built in 1957 for Laura Llewellyn Coles, who died less than a year after it was built. The house was bought at auction in December 1958 by Virginia Moses Yeatts, who lived here for many years. As part of the ultra-modern “Gold Medallion” package, this ranch-style house was constructed with a heat pump, for which service could not be obtained nearer than Lynchburg.1

William Yeatts had the playhouse (on the east side of the lawn, just out of view to the left in this photograph) built in 1957 for his and Virginia's daughter Linda, at their South Main Street home. It has electricity and real windows which open. When William died, and Virginia and Linda moved to 25 Holt Street, the house was moved to their new home. Linda recalls, “It took all day. I was at school and could not watch, but heard that a man had to sit on top to lift up electric wires (which I assume must have been turned off), although I am not sure which wires they were referring to — perhaps wires which crossed Main Street.” 2

45 Holt Street

45 Holt Street (9/2006). After he was widowed, Mr. Shirley Carter built this cottage for himself.2,3 Later it was the home of Yolanda Cole. Subsequently, for a number of years it was owned by Jerry Wyatt. Now it is the property of M.J. Moorefield and known as Cottage in the Glen, an overnight accommodation.

55 Holt Street

55 Holt Street (9/2006). This Cape Cod Revival house was built by Mr. and Mrs. Elton Toler.

65 Holt Street

65 Holt Street (9/2006). This Cape Cod Revival house was built by Mr. and Mrs. Percy Bennett.

North Side

46 Holt Street

46 Holt Street (9/2006) is a Cape Cod Revival.

88 Holt Street

88 Holt Street (9/2006). This was originally the home of Dr. and Mrs. Henry Hammer.


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