Princess Anne Architecture
in Historic Chatham, Virginia

By Henry Mitchell.
22 Whittle Street

22 Whittle Street, the Christian-Watson house, is a Princess Anne house with a turreted tower, and a wraparound porch roof echoing the line of the turret above it. Spoolwork adorns the porch.

By 1900, the exuberant “Queen Anne style” was being replaced by more austere and restrained architectural forms. However, significant Queen Anne influence remained. Smaller examples, less complicated in form and less decorated than their antecedents are today often referred to as the “Princess Anne” style.

In Chatham, examples are found in the 200 block of North Main, along Whittle Street, and on Reid Street — all areas that were experiencing development at the turn of the century.

(See also architectural pattern books from the period, containing Prncess Anne examples.)

110 Whittle Street

110 Whittle Street.

202 Whittle Street

202 Whittle Street.

122 Reid Street

122 Reid Street.

246 North Main Street

246 North Main Street.

256 North Main Street

256 North Main Street has a multi-gabled roofline which creates an origami effect.



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