Virginia Highway Marker: Dix's Ferry

Dix's Ferry Marker

Highway Marker Text

Dix's Ferry (U-39)

In 1766 John Dix established his ferry approximately three miles south of here on the Dan River. During the American Revolution, in February 1781, the ferry was a strategic site in Gen. Nathanael Greene's “race to the Dan,” the pursuit of Greene to the Dan River in Virginia by British Gen. Charles Cornwallis. The ferry also transported troops and supplies for Greene's army in his actions against Cornwallis at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. In 1791 President George Washington crossed the Dan River on the ferry as he returned from his 1,887-mile southern tour.

Department of Historic Resources, 1997.

Dix's Ferry Marker at Danville Airport

Behind Dix's Ferry historic marker (alongside US 58) can be seen the fence at the end of the Danville Airport runway, thus bringing together reminders of transportation modes of colonial and modern times.


The marker is located along the eastbound lane of US 58, on the east side of Danville at the Danville Airport.

George Washington Crossed Here

As mentioned at the conclusion of the marker's text, President George Washington used Dix's Ferry to cross the Dan River as he returned to Virginia from his southern tour. His crossing occurred on the morning of June 4, 1791. He continued by coach north-northeastward to spend the night at Peytonsburg. (See further information.)

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