Notice to Sims-Mitchell House Patrons

Sims-Mitchell House

Not Accepting Reservations After 1/30/06

We deeply regret to announce that after over 20 years in business, we are suspending the Sims-Mitchell House B&B operation, and will no longer be accepting B&B reservations after the night of January 30, 2006.

As many of you are aware, and have experienced, the nearby Columbia Forest Products factory has increasingly inundated the Sims-Mitchell House property with smoke, odor, and especially noise, to the point that we can no longer provide the pleasant getaway accommodations to which you were accustomed.

Thus far we have been unsuccessful, after numerous appeals, in getting a rollback of the deplorable, unhealthful situation. Our family has lived here since 1975, and for over 25 years coexistence with the factory was not problematic. It is only recently that noise, smoke, and odor emissions have dramatically increased. We certainly hope that corporate management will soon restore conditions to the normal existence we all experienced for so long.

Any resumption of our B&B activities will be announced on this page. Thank you for your many expressions of concern, and for your past patronage.

— Henry and Patricia Mitchell

Columbia Forest Products, Chatham, VA - smokestack

Columbia Forest Products - Chatham, night view December 2006.

April 2010 Update

Thank you for your calls seeking reservations. (Apparently a re-issue of an outdated accommodations listing sparked an untrue rumor that we are open again.) Unfortunately, no, we still cannot offer accommodations. The environmental situation continues to deteriorate, especially regarding noise.

As noted above, we are hoping for a correction of the situation, and if any change occurs, it will be announced here. In the meantime, for overnight accommodations in the area, please contact other Chatham B&B's, or Danville B&B's, hotels, and motels. Thank you again for your friendship and concern!

— Henry and Patricia Mitchell

Columbia Forest Products, Chatham, VA - environmental pollution

Columbia Forest Products - Chatham, daytime view January 2007 (see video below).

January 2007

(See photo and video at right.)



September 2007

(See video at right.)

December 2007

(See video at right — view of same night scene as in the still photo above; this is one year later.)

April 2009

(See video at right.)

April 2010

(See video at right.)

April 2011

(See video at right.)