1925 Yeatts Family Reunion, Dry Fork, Virginia

Depicted below is a gathering at the Yeatts family home in Dry Fork, Virginia, on September 6, 1925. A second image on the page indicates the numbering sequence for identification of individuals in the picture. Below the second image is found a newspaper article about the event.

Yeatts Reunion, September 6, 1925
  1. Bill Jones
  2. Archie Yeatts
  3. Bennett Yeatts
  4. Eva Yeatts
  5. Clevis Jones
  6. Reba Yeatts (Lewis)
  7. Bessie Yeatts (Boswell)
  8. Ollie Yeatts (Jennings)
  9. Susie Yeatts
  10. Erie Yeatts (Mitchell)
  11. Mabel Yeatts (Chandler)
  12. Carrie Yeatts (Barbee)
  13. Zelma Jones (Gilbert)
  14. Frank Yeatts
  15. Norwood Yeatts
  16. Carl Yeatts
  17. Vernon Yeatts
  18. Louise Yeatts
  19. Ruby Jones
  20. John Yeatts
  21. Eliza Yeatts (Ricketts)
  22. Joe Yeatts
  23. Dorothy Yeatts (Johnson)
  24. Reba Sue Jones (Beaver)
  25. George Yeatts on lap of
  26. Rosa White Davis Yeatts
  27. Calvin Yeatts
  28. Nellie Rebecca Stowe Yeatts
  29. Edward Yeatts
  30. Minnie Bell Powell Yeatts
  31. Ruth Yeatts
  32. Thelma Yeatts
  33. Harry Yeatts
  34. Kate Alice Johnson Yeatts
  35. James Yeatts
  36. Tony Yeatts
  37. Artie Mae Watlington Yeatts
  38. Faye Yeatts (Taylor)
  39. Elsie Yeatts (Arnn)
  40. Bill Yeatts
  41. Russell Jones
  42. Ethel Yeatts
  43. L'Wilda Jane "Wilda" Hearp Yeatts
  44. Margaret Yeatts (Boswell)
  45. Nannie Madie "Madie" Jones Yeatts
  46. Addie Clara Lee Stowe Yeatts
  47. Percy Yeatts
  48. Fred Hannibal Jones
  49. Cora Alice Yeatts Jones
  50. Harold Yeatts
  51. Ury Yeatts
  52. Coleman Bennett Yeatts (son of Benjamin and Madie Yeatts)
  53. Annie Yeatts (Cundiff)
  54. Hugh Yeatts
  55. Charlie Yeatts
  56. Lee Yeatts
  57. Jake Oliver Jones
  58. Luther Yeatts
  59. Benjamin Reaves Yeatts
  60. John Webster Yeatts
  61. Charles Samuel "Sam" Yeatts
  62. Charles Hannibal Jones
  63. Walter Yeatts
  64. Robert Green "Rob" Jones
  65. Richard White Yeatts
  66. Jim Jones
  67. Guy Cundiff
  68. Roy Irving Jones
  69. George Dewey Yeatts
  70. Stanley Hubbard Yeatts
  71. David Calahill Yeatts
Numerical key for Yeatts Reunion Photo

Family Reunion Held Dry Fork

Sixty-[Seventh] Birthday Mrs. S. A. Yeatts is Happy Occasion

DRY FORK, Sept. 8 — At the home of Mrs. S. A. Yeatts was held a family reunion on Sunday, Sept. 6th. The happy family gathering was made up of Mrs. S. A. Yeatts, now in her 68th year, with her children and grandchildren, all being present except one grandson and the only great-grand-daughter, Mr. R. B. Yeatts and little daughter, Bernice May, of Durham, N. C., making a total present of nine children and 46 grand-children. Among those were: Richard and Dave Yeatts and families of Whit[mell;] Robert Jones and family, Danville; Chas. Jones and children, Messrs. Dewey, John, Bernice, Stanley and Sam Yeatts and families all of Dry Fork; Mr. W. A. Yeatts and family of Climax and Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Cundiff [of] Whittles.

A large table had been prepared on the lawn in the cool of the nice old shade trees. Each family carried a basket and lunch was serve about 12:30, consisting of mutton, beef, pork, ham, chidken and all kinds of sandwiches, cakes, pies, pickles and hot coffee, which was enjoyed by old and young.

In the afternoon the older members were charmingly entertained with songs and games by the youngsters and social greetings from old friends who came in to talk of their young days together.

All during the afternoon, chocolate vanilla and strawberry cream and lemonade was served all.

About mid afternoon Dearing came out from Chatham and made some pictures of the family group which was appreciated by all.

At 6 o'clock supper was served, immediately after which the group parted for their several homes all declaring a pleasant day.

The revival is in progress at Hopewell Methodist Church. The pastor Rev. Yow, is being assisted by Rev. Guill, of Danville.

Mr. Jefferson Davis visited his daughter, Mrs. John Yeatts Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jones and family, of Danville, were the guests of her sister, Mrs. Beverly Stowe on last Sunday.

Miss Ruth Yeatts is soon leaving for Farmville, where she will enter for the winter session.


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