Historic American Buildings Survey
(HABS #VA-270):
Yates Tavern, Pittsylvania County, VA

Prepared by Thomas T. Waterman, 1941, for the Historic American Buildings Survey, Library of Congress.

Cataloguing Data

State: Virginia

County: Pittsylvania

Town or Vicinity: Gretna

Index Number VA, 72.GRET.1


Many primitive features; stone basement shows floor construction above, of carefully selected joists in form of unhewn poles; construction of trimmer arch unusual; stone hearth supported on pole which rests in forked poles driven into earth; first floor divided into one large room and one narrow one, with sheathed-in stair projecting into latter but reached from former; all finish is sheathing, with open timbered ceiling; curious overhang at second-floor line caused by raising of roof at eaves. Originally the slope much steeper.


From southwest

View from the southwest.

From northeast

View from the northeast.

From from the north

View from the north (rear of house).


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