Sallie Hunt Graves Whitehead

By Henry H. Mitchell

Sallie Hunt Graves Whitehead

Sallie Hunt Graves Whitehead was the daughter of Jeremiah White Graves and Nannie Richardson Hunt Graves. She was married in 1866 to former Confederate soldier John Richard Whitehead, who later served as Treasurer of Pittsylvania County. They had ten children: Jeremiah Jackson, Joseph Webster, Nannie Drusilla, John Hurt, Sallie Barclinia, Richard Douglas, Kate Graves, Walter Munford, Andrew Jackson, and Ethel Martin.

In her later years, Sallie Whitehead was called “Grancie” by her family, as a term of endearment and to distinguish her from her daughter and several namesake granddaughters.

J. Richard and Sallie Whitehead built the home at 335 South Main Street which is also known as the “House of Laird,” currently owned by Chatham Hall. The Whiteheads and their descendants have had a profound influence on the town and region for a century and a quarter.


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