John Richard Whitehead Family Reunion, 1984

Whitehead Reunion, 1984

Standing, left to right:

  1. Mary Anderson Grubb Whitehead
  2. Ellen Whitehead
  3. Mary Elizabeth George
  4. Penelope "Penny" Partlow
  5. Ralph Partlow
  6. Donna Ridenour
  7. Ralph Partlow, Jr.
  8. Charlie O'Brien
  9. Betsy O'Brien
  10. Nancy and Gordon Whitehead with Katie (John Henry's) on his shoulders
  11. Katie Cambo
  12. Hannah and John Henry Whitehead
  13. Harriet Whitehead
  14. Ward and Charlotte Elliott
  15. Hugh Cary and Jennifer Whitehead (behind)
  16. Harriet and Doug Whitehead
  17. Hurt Whitehead (behind)
  18. Beth Elliott Morris

Seated, left to right:

  1. Laura
  2. Curtis Whitehead
  3. Dana
  4. Dick
  5. Bettie Whitehead Watson
  6. Cam Whitehead
  7. Dr. Betty Whitehead
  8. Luba
  9. Anna Whitehead Kenney with Brook
  10. Dorothy Whitehead Motley
  11. Bruce Elliott with Rebecca
  12. Katie Whitehead Elliott

Kneeling, left to right:

  1. Will Whitehead
  2. Kyle George

This reunion of the descendants of John Richard Whitehead and Sallie Hunt Graves Whitehead was held in 1984 at the John Richard Whitehead home, as a 75th-year commemoration of an earlier family gathering. The house, at 335 South Main Street, Chatham, was at the time of the 1984 reunion owned by John Hurt and Mary Grubb Whitehead. Since 1987 been the structure has been known as "The House of Laird," and is now owned and operated by Chatham Hall prep school as a hospitality and meeting facility for the institution.

The photograph is from the collection of Fletcher B. Watson, IV, Chatham, Virginia.

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