B. S. White & Son

B. S. White and Son, about 1912

This image, from the Dr. Glenn B. Updike, Sr. Collection of the Pittsylvania Historical Society, shows B. S. (Benjamin Stuart) White & Son, an establishment in Chatham, Virginia, around 1912. The structure was located where Chatham Cleaners and the Victor Millner law office are found now, two buildings north of the courthouse and on the same side of the street. (Information provided by W. Carlton White, 10/22/02.) The picture is part of an undated clipping from the Star-Tribune, thought to have been published in 1976.

Preston Moses, editor of the paper, captioned the photograph as follows:

Just 64 years ago this was a business place on Main Street, Chatham. B. S. White combined a shoe shop with a harness and saddle business. There was no coming back — they “fixed 'em while you waited.” The lower part of the building was a saloon which had been closed down some years before 1912.

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