Tech Club Honors Dr. J. W. Watson

Chemistry Group Presents Gift to Professor

Dr. J. Wilbur Watson

BLACKSBURG, April 28 [1948] — Dr. J. W. Watson, head of the Virginia Tech chemistry department, was the surprised recipient of a handsome traveling bag from members of the VPI Chemistry Club at a dinner here tonight in the Faculty Center. The gift was in token of Dr. Watson's 35 years of service on the VPI faculty.

The presentation was made by Leonard Stalmann, Baltimore, president of the Club. Other officers of the Club are: J. H. Crenshaw, Roanoke, vice president; Miss Mary H. Grymes, Baltimore, secretary; and S. L. Felton, Whaleyville, treasurer. M. K. Thesterman was toastmaster.

Is Chatham Native

Dr. Watson, a native of Chatham, studied here from 1905-07 before going to the University of Virginia where he obtained his A. B. and A. M. in 1910. He earned his Ph. D. degree there in 1913. He was a member of the University of Virginia faculty while doing graduate work. In 1913 he joined the chemistry department here and has taught here continuously ever since. He became head of the department in 1925.


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