Fletcher Bangs Watson, Jr.

Fletcher B. Watson, Jr.

Fletcher B. Watson, Jr. (8/7/1877-4/11/1943) was the son of F. B. Watson and Pattie Tredway. He was educated at VPI and William and Mary. He, like his father, served as Superintendent of Schools for Pittsylvania County, Virginia. His term of service in that position was for 19 years, from 1921 to 1940.

He was married on December 6, 1899, to Katie Whitehead, daughter of John Richard Whitehead and Sally Graves. Their children were Dr. M. Howell Watson, Katherine (Mrs. Clarence) Weisiger, Richard W. Watson, and Fletcher B. Watson, III.

F. B. Watson, Jr., and his family lived in the house his parents had built at 232 Whittle Street in Chatham in 1894.