Pvt. Percy Edward Watlington, Jr.

Percy Edward Watlington

Pvt. Percy Edward Watlington, 19, who was killed in action on June 17 while serving with the Sixth Marine Division on Okinawa. The official notice reached his mother, Mrs. Hurt Allen, of Lynchburg, last week.

Born on February 24, 1926, at Toshes, Pvt. Watlington attended Chatham High School and held a position in Lynchburg before entering the service on April 27, 1944.

Following his training at Parris Island and in California, he sailed for overseas duty on December 28, 1944.

Besides his mother, he is survived by his stepfather, Hurt Allen, of Lynchburg, a brother, Jesse Watlington of Cleveland, Ohio, and a half sister, Patricia Allen, and a half brother, Boyce Allen.


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