Roster of Company G
53rd Virginia Infantry, CSA

Transcribed by Mattie S. Meadows, 1937.

Company “G,” 53rd Virginia Regiment, was organized in Pittsylvania County and entered the Confederate service in the summer of 1861, with the Rev. W.S. Penick as captain and Ross Carter, 1st Lieutenant. After serving a few months, Captain Penick resigned and Lieutenant Carter was appointed Captain and served two years, when, on account of ill health, he retired from active service and was succeeded by R. Avery Mustain as captain, who served in that capacity until the end of the war. During the latter part of the war, when the forces had become decimated, different commands were combined, and so, though originally a Pittsylvania company, Company “G” was later composed of men from many different counties. The following roster represents the men in the company during the last two years of the war:


R.A. Mustain Captain Pittsylvania County
Joe Moses 1st Lieutenant Pittsylvania County
R.S. Shell 2nd Lieutenant Pittsylvania County
A. Milson 1st Sergeant Dinwiddie County Killed at Gettysburg
H.D. Knight 1st Sergeant Amelia County


[Unknown] Angle Pittsylvania County
L. Angle Pittsylvania County
Eroy Angle Pittsylvania County Cook for company
Joe Allick Pittsylvania County
Sam Blair Pittsylvania County
R. Bunk Pittsylvania County
A.H. Bunk Amelia County
Geo. Baldwin Dinwiddie County Killed at Gettysburg
J.C.A. Brooks Dinwiddie County
L. Clay Dinwiddie County Killed at Gettysburg
Geo. Clark Dinwiddie County Killed at Gettysburg
[Unknown] Coleman Pittsylvania County Killed at Gettysburg
Alex. Crowder Dinwiddie County Blacksmith
[Unknown] Cook Pittsylvania County
[Unknown] Carpenter from Camp Lee, Richmond, Va.
Sam Davis Dinwiddie County
Geo. Davis Dinwiddie County
Dibbrell Davis Dinwiddie County
Thomas Davis Pittsylvania County
Thomas Echols Dinwiddie County Cook for company
Griff Farthing Pittsylvania County
Joel Farthing Pittsylvania County
F. Tillman from Camp Lee
[Unknown] Graves Pittsylvania County Lost at Petersburg
Richard Glenn Dinwiddie County
William Gibbs Dinwiddie County
J.A. Gibbs Dinwiddie County
J.W. Gibbs Dinwiddie County
Richard Greenstone Dinwiddie County
Norman Hobbs Dinwiddie County
Branoh Hudgins Dinwiddie County Lost on march to Gettysburg
G. Hardy Dinwiddie County
Dillard Harrison Pittsylvania County
Thomas Hall Dinwiddie County
[Unknown] Hopkins Dinwiddie County
William Irby Dinwiddie County
W.H. Irby Dinwiddie County
[Unknown] Lovelace Dinwiddie County
Joe Lewis Dinwiddie County
Thomas Mustain Dinwiddie County
Frank Mustain Dinwiddie County
Joe Mustain Dinwiddie County
John Parsons Dinwiddie County
Robert Hobbs Isle of Wight County left on march from Gettysburg
William Ramsey Isle of Wight County lost at Culpeper C.H.
J.J. Robinson Pittsylvania County Killed at Gettysburg
[Unknown] Robinson Pittsylvania County Killed at Gettysburg
[Unknown] Scott Pittsylvania County Killed at Gettysburg
J.J. Shelton Pittsylvania County Killed at Gettysburg
[Unknown] Shelton Pittsylvania County
Sam Snead Pittsylvania County Killed at Gettysburg
Frank Smith Pittsylvania County
Jim Smith Pittsylvania County
[Unknown] Smith Pittsylvania County
Tom Sweeney Pittsylvania County
Joe Tuck Pittsylvania County
[Unknown] Toreans Pittsylvania County
[Unknown] Thurman Pittsylvania County
[Unknown] Thurman Pittsylvania County
Edward Thomas Dinwiddie County
R.H. Thomas Dinwiddie County
R. Vaughan Pittsylvania County
Bob Whorley Pittsylvania County
George White Pittsylvania County
Nance White Pittsylvania County Killed at Gettysburg
Thomas Worsham Pittsylvania County
Tim Woreham Pittsylvania County
Joe Womack Pittsylvania County
Tom Womack Pittsylvania County
Joe Wooding Pittsylvania County
Cavewell Wooding Pittsylvania County
[Unknown] Whitlow Pittsylvania County
Peyton Walthall Dinwiddie County
Joe Walthall Dinwiddie County
Henry Westmoreland Dinwiddie County
Hartwell Westmoreland Dinwiddie County
M. Wilson Dinwiddie County
Billy Wells Dinwiddie County
Frank Wells Dinwiddie County
Freeland Wells Dinwiddie County
Edward Witt Pittsylvania County Killed at Gettysburg
Joe Hawkins Dinwiddie County
[Unknown] McClure from Camp Lee, Richmond Virginia

To Mr. Scott Carter,

Dear Mr. Carter:

Doubtless you will wish to know how so many men from Dinwiddie county were serving in Company “G”.

White's Artillery was from Dinwiddie County and was stationed on James River as heavy artillery. We served through the first Maryland Campaign, and after the Sharpsburg fight our company officers claimed their enlistment in heavy artillery. Our company was disbanded and put back in the 53rd. Regiment; some in Company “G” and some in Company “C”.

I was orderly sergeant about 18 months. We lost a lot of men at Gettysburg. I don't remember their names.

Hope this list will be of some service to you in making out the company roll. It is the best I can do from a memory of fifty years.

Yours respectfully,

E.A. Wills,

Last orderly sergeant of Co. “G”, 53rd. Va. Regiment.


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