Minnie Hodges Viccellio with Arthur, Henry, Hodges, and Lansing

Minnie Hodges Viccellio with Her Children

From the collection of John Shannon Viccellio, grand-nephew of Minnie Hodges Viccellio.

In a photograph from around 1921, Minnie Hodges (Mrs. Henry — see also a photo of Henry) Viccellio poses with her sons Arthur Bright, Henry (b. 1911), Hodges Parrish (b. 1915), and Lansing Averett (b. 5/6/1918).

The identity of the individual boys in this photo is not certain, but likely Arthur is being held by his mother, Henry is to the right, Hodges is to the left, and Lansing is in the center.

Hodges Parrish Viccellio died as the result of an accident when he was a child (in 1924), and it is said that his mother grieved to death over the loss of her son.


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