Virginia Highway Marker: Claude A. Swanson

Claude A. Swanson Marker

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Claude A. Swanson (L-49)

A native of Pittsylvania County, Claude Augustus Swanson (1862-1939), practiced law in Chatham until he won election to Congress in 1892. He served seven terms in the House of Representatives (1893-1906); was governor of Virginia (1906-1910) and United States Senator (1910-1933); and served as secretary of the navy under President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1939). As governor, Swanson persuaded the General Assembly to reform the public school system, improve rural roads, and create the position of state health commissioner. His last home in the county was at nearby Eldon.

Department of Historic Resources, 1992

Highway Marker Dedication July 11, 1992

Dedication of Virginia Historical Highway Marker commemorating Claude A. Swanson of Pittsylvania, sponsored by the Pittsylvania Historical Society, July 11, 1992, 2 o'clock, Pittsylvania County Courthouse, Chatham, Virginia.

Site of Marker

Marker on U. S. 29

This marker, unveiled at the Pittsylvania County Courthouse today, will be permanently located on the southbound lane of U. S. 29, just north of the northernmost exit to Chatham.

Dedication Ceremony Program

Immediately following the dedication ceremony, a reception will be held at Eldon, former home of Governor Claude A. Swanson, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lemm, current owners of Eldon. Everyone is invited.


Claude A. Swanson

For those of us who live in an era of glitzy television campaigns, non-issues, and meaningless promises, the life of a man for whom one's word was a bond, and for whom the integrity of previous generations was a model not to be forgotten may seem archaic.

We laugh at the issues of the times, such as the idea of the silver or gold standard. However, I would suggest that American would do well to return to the values of that time and to remember that we will one day be judged not so much for what we have accomplished as for what kind of men and women we have been.

The life of Claude Swanson shows us that if we will commit to being people of integrity serving our country, the accomplishments of our life will in turn last beyond our years.

- Charles C. Hall, Step-grandson of Claude A. Swanson


The Pittsylvania Historical Society acknowledges with sincere appreciation the following co-sponsors who assisted with the funding of the highway marker honoring Claude A. Swanson.


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Also a part of the printed program for this event was the article "Claude A. Swanson of Pittsylvania".