South Main Street
Chatham, Virginia

Edited by Henry Mitchell.

East Side of the 700 Block

719 South Main

719 South Main (9/2006).

733 South Main

733 South Main (9/2006).

751 South Main

751 South Main (9/2006).

West Side of the 700 Block

702 South Main

702 South Main (9/2006). Long remembered as the home of Asa and Annie Hardy Viccellio, this is now Dennis and Barbara Dillon's Boxwood Garden Bed and Breakfast.

714 South Main

714 South Main (9/2006).

720 South Main

720 South Main (9/2006).

732 South Main

732 South Main (9/2006).

750 South Main

750 South Main (9/2006). Built by Richard Douglas Whitehead and his wife Minnie Gatewood Whitehead, this Neoclassical Revival house was later owned by Johnny Tredway and his wife Virginia Rorer Tredway. For many years it has been the home of the W. Carlton White family.

The house was the subject of a significant legal controversy after the death of Richard Douglas Whitehead in 1938. His will stated that he left his entire estate to his wife in “fee simple” and then went on to say that she had a “life tenancy” in the property. Both the local Judge Clement and the appellate court ruled against the widow Whitehead, holding that “life tenancy” was the operative and controlling phrase. Eventually the Virginia Supreme Court reversed the ruling, finding instead that the property went to the widow in “fee simple.”1 This was one of two significant homes of that period which had a high-profile court battle regarding a will and control of the property, the other being the Tunstall-Hargrave House on Court Place.


  1. Justice W. Carrington Thompson to Henry Hurt, April 23, 2010.

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