South Main Street
Chatham, Virginia

Edited by Henry Mitchell.

East Side of the 100 Block

115 South Main

115 South Main (9/2006). This structure was built by Gus Gammon in 1923 as Gammon Motor Company. After Gammon's death, it was sold to Alvah C. Bennett,1 who through the mid-20th century operated his Chrysler-Plymouth dealership, Bennett Motor Company, here. During the late 1900's and up until 2005, it was the home of B&B Motors, operated by Henry Burnett, Jr.

119 South Main

119 South Main (9/2006). The Chatham Knitting Mills building.

131 South Main

131 South Main (9/2006). Chatham Auto Parts, formerly Grubb Auto Supply. This building was constructed by J. B. Grubb.

135 South Main

135 South Main (9/2006). First Community Church. The building was originally built for the congregation of Chatham Christian Church.

147 South Main

147 South Main (9/2006). Scott Funeral Home.

153 South Main

153 South Main (9/2006). Chatham Exxon.

West Side of the 100 Block

108 South Main

108 South Main (9/2006). Davenport Energy.

120 South Main

120 South Main (9/2006). Harris, Harvey, and Neal accounting firm.

128 South Main

128 South Main (9/2006). This building was constructed in the early 1960's as a Kroger supermarket.

140 South Main

140 South Main (9/2006). People's Bank, constructed during the 1980's.

146 South Main

146 South Main (9/2006). This Homestead-style house with Eastlake trim was built around 1900. The Kee family now operates it as a bed-and-breakfast featuring a log cabin dependency.

152 South Main

152 South Main (9/2006). This Homestead-style house was built around 1900; its Neo-Colonial porch may have been added or modified a few years later.

158 South Main

158 South Main (9/2006). Constructed around 1920 as a home for banker/hotelier James Collie, this is the most elaborate Dutch Colonial Revival building in Chatham. For several decades in the middle and late twentieth century, it was the home of attorney William G. Vansant and his family. Now it is Montrue and Bill Collins' Villa Jidiot bed and breakfast.

162 South Main

162 South Main (9/2006). This Homestead-style house was built in 1897; its Neo-Colonial porch may have been added or modified later. It is now the home of the Rev. and Mrs. Charles Warnock.


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