North Main Street
Chatham, Virginia

Edited by Henry Mitchell.

East Side of the 300 Block

301 North Main

301 North Main (9/2006). Jess Sours Garage. In its early days it was both a store and an automotive service center. As a store, its merchandise included meats (it had an icebox) and canned goods, and gasoline from pumps out front. It was the first automotive service center in Chatham authorized to provided state inspection stickers, around 1935. Bo Sours recalls, “The stickers were fifty cents, and for that fifty cents you had to just about break the car down and put it back together again.”2

341 North Main

341 North Main (9/2006). Early in the twentieth century this was the home of Jesse Davis Sours and his wife Irene Griffith Sours.1 In 1977 Irene Sours authored the publication Homes in Chatham, Virginia, 1923–1977, which is a significant reference for these webpages.

351 North Main

351 North Main (9/2006).

357 North Main

357 North Main (9/2006).

361 North Main

361 North Main (9/2006).

West Side of the 300 Block

302 North Main

302 North Main (9/2006). Express service station.

310 North Main

310 North Main (9/2006).

322 North Main

This small building was formerly the Guy/McKeever Insurance Agency (9/2006).1

324 North Main

324 North Main (photographed 9/2006) was formerly a store, then an upholstery shop.1

332 North Main

332 North Main (photographed 9/2006) was built between 1893 and 1895 by Rev. Isaac Smith, whose home was next door (see immediately below). Throughout its early years, this was a store building.1 Now it is La Chaumière Bed and Breakfast, operated by Bill and Mary Lee Black.

338 North Main

338 North Main (9/2006). Built in 1893 by teacher, preacher, and funeral director Isaac Smith, this is now the home of Dr. and Mrs. Bill Black.

348 North Main

348 North Main (9/2006). Constructed as the Pittsylvania County Public Health Department, this building is now utilized by Pittsylvania County Community Action, Inc.

356 North Main

356 North Main (9/2006).

360 North Main

360 North Main (9/2006). Judah Lodge.


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