Bennett-McGrath-Smith House

73 North Main Street, Chatham, Virginia

By Henry H. Mitchell.

73 North Main

This American Foursquare home was built in 1910 by Dr. Coleman Bennett, and owned for most of the rest of the 20th century by Dr. Bennett and, later, his son, Judge Hubert Bennett.

According to neighborhood anecdotes, there was a stable on the rear of the property for many years that housed and supplied the horse(s) and carriage which Dr. Bennett used for making house calls around town.

From observation as well as neighborhood memories, it is evident that the house was expanded almost before original construction was completed, adding what is now the brick kitchen and a separate adjacent structure that is now a laundry room, and possibly during mid-20th century the modest, wooden first-floor addition in the rear was erected.

Originally there were at least seven coal-burning fireplaces, of which two are still currently working. The roof is of standing-seam terne. Besides the two and a half stories of living space, there is a partially-finished basement used for the heating system and other utilitarian purposes.

The house is now the home of Marci McGrath and Chris Smith.


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