James Sawyers (Soyars), Revolutionary War Veteran:

From the Richmond Whig and Public Advertiser, Richmond, Virginia, Tuesday, November 13, 1838.

Another Revolutionary Worthy no more.

We are sorry to announce the death of Major James Sawyers. He died at his residence in this county, on the 20th ultimo, at a very advanced age.

Major Sawyers did his country good service as a gallant soldier of the revolution, having fought in some of this most warmly contested engagements of those times. He enjoyed through life, the confidence and esteem of his fellow citizens, and of their Representatives in the State Legislature. — The good opinion of these last was manifested by his repealed election to the highly honorable officer of Sergeant at Arms of the Senate of Virginia, a station whose duties he discharged to the entire satisfaction of that body. We hope that some friend will furnish us with an extended notice of his public services. The memory of his heroic deeds should be preserved for the encouragement and imitation of the youthful patriot of future ages.

Danville Reporter.


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