McClellan Saddles at Shelton Saddlery
Chatham, Virginia

By Henry H. Mitchell

McClellan Saddle

One of James Womack's specialties is the restoration of McClellan saddles. Womack states, “I haven't seen one yet that can't be fixed!”

For current information about Shelton Saddlery's inventory, products, and services, write James Womack at P. O. Box 149, Chatham, VA 24531, or call him at 434-432-8886.

McClellan Saddle

The McClellan cavalry saddle was originally designed by Captain (later Major General) George B. McClellan, and adopted by the U. S. Army in 1859. A light, sturdy saddle, it was used by both Union and Confederate cavalry during the Civil War, and continued in service in the U. S. Cavalry through World War I.

McClellan Saddle

For further information about the McClellan saddle's history, see:

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