Dependencies at Oak Hall
Chatham, Virginia

By Henry H. Mitchell

Oak Hall, built around 1837 by James Poindexter, is remembered from the late 1800's as the home of Dr. Rawley W. Martin, who commanded the 53rd Virginia Infantry at the Battle of Gettysburg. He and the Chatham Greys took the farthest point in the Confederate Army's advance that day, a brief accomplishment that is referred to as the “high-water mark of the Confederacy.” The modern address of the house is 42 Franklin Place.

It is thought that the dependencies below may actually date from the late 1700's, and thus may have served an earlier home before the Poindexters'. The photographs are from 2005.

Oak Hall Office

View from the southeast corner of the office, used by Dr. Martin.

Oak Hall Office

View from the northeast corner of the office.

Oak Hall Dependency

Another early dependency may have served as a detached kitchen.

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