Chatham's Countyseat Giants Baseball Team, 1912

By Henry H. Mitchell

Countyseat Giants, 1912

The photograph is from the Preston B. Moses Collection, and was printed in an undated clipping from the Star-Tribune, Chatham, Virginia. The photograph is captioned, “This is the starting nine for the Chatham baseball team in 1912, when every town and community in the county had a team, and baseball was THE sport, and games attracted big crowds every Saturday. The Countyseat Giants had a record of 14 wins and only two losses in 1912. Left to right are: John Dillard, William Shepherd, Harry Pritchett, Leslie Reid, Charles R. Warren, Henry Cousins, C. G. Sours, Jr., Carlton Crump and Frank Sours.”

The photograph was taken at the Chatham ballfield, which was across the lane from Mansfield, on the Chatham Hall field (beside Hurt Street / Chalk Level Road) now used for equestrian events and training. (Information from Mary Catherine Sours Plaster, 9/18/2002.)

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