James Lafayette Oakes (1836-1920):
Photo Album

James Lafayette Oakes and Kate

James Lafayette Oakes of Pittsylvania County, Virginia sits on his back steps with his dog Kate. The photograph was taken around 1915. The house was later known as the W. T. Shields home, now the property of Marshall Kendall, and is on the Spring Garden Road (VA 640), just east of its intersection with U. S. 29 north of Blairs. Kate survived her master, living until around 1930 with the family of J. L. Oakes's son E. Norman Oakes at Chestnut Level (where the elder Oakes also spent his last years), about 3 miles east of the location shown here.

James Lafayette Oakes and Latton M. Ford

James Lafayette Oakes is seated on the left in this photograph taken around 1910. Oakes had served in Company B, 38th Virginia Infantry (Pittsylvania Vindicators) during the War Between the States, and was wounded at Gettysburg and Chester Station. It is thought that the individual seated on the right may be Layton (or Laten) Ford, father-in-law of J. L. Oakes's son Walter Whittle Oakes (see below). Ford had served in Company I, 18th Virginia Infantry (Spring Garden Blues), and had been wounded and taken prisoner at Seven Pines.

The woman and child at the right of the photograph are unknown.

Oakes family

This photo, taken around 1908, shows two of James Lafayette Oakes's children and their spouses. On the left are Walter Whittle Oakes and his wife Sallie Pat Orrell. (Walter and Sallie Pat were married in 1908.) On the right are Belle Boyd Oakes and her husband Major Layton (or Laten) Ford.


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