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Saponi Religious Beliefs Explained

Saponi Marker

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Saponi Religious Beliefs Explained (L-53)

On 12-15 October 1728, Col. William Byrd II and his party camped just west of here while surveying the Virginia - North Carolina boundary. Bearskin, Byrd's Saponi guide, described his tribe's religious beliefs, which, wrote Byrd in his diary, contained “the three Great Articles of Natural Religion: the Belief of a God, the Moral Distinction betwixt Good and Evil, and the Expectation of Rewards and Punishments in another World.” Bearskin's religion also included a Hindu-like belief in reincarnation.

Department of Conservation and Historic Resources, 1987.


The marker is located along the northbound lane of the US 29 Business exit from US 29 Bypass, on the south side of Danville. (See also Col. William Byrd's Observations 1728-33.)

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