Pastels and Charcoals by Mary Elizabeth Helvey Mitchell

Following is a partial listing of pastels and charcoals by artist Mary Elizabeth Helvey Mitchell.

Still Life: Pears and Zinnias

Still Life: Pears and Zinnias, 1966, pastel on paper, 16" x 20".

This still life includes zinnias from Mary's garden, and pears from a tree in her backyard.

From 1966 until 2003 the painting hung in the kitchen of the Chatham, Virginia, home of her in-laws Mr. and Mrs. John L. Beaver.

Collection: L1. Photographed by: M2.

Fletcher B. Watson, IV

Fletcher B. Watson, IV, 1963, pastel on paper, 12" x 16".

Mary used a ca. 1940 photograph of Fletcher B. Watson, IV to create this portrait, which was commissioned by his mother, Bettie W. Watson.

Collection: W2. Photographed by: K1.

Still Life: Zinnias and Daisies

Still Life: Zinnias and Daisies, 1961, pastel on paper, 16" x 20".

Mary completed this composition (which she titled Still Life from out of the Past) in her studio at Spring Garden, Virginia. It includes zinnias and daisies from her garden, and quail figurines which were salt and pepper shakers from her dining room table.

Collection: G1. Photographed by: K1.

Child Yawning

Child Yawning, ca. 1925, charcoal on paper, 14" x 17".

While at student at Martha Washington College, Mary copied this image for her mother.

Collection: P1. Photographed by: K1.


Madonna, ca. 1924, pastel on paper, 10" x 12".

Collection: H1. Photographed by: K1.

The Christ Child

The Christ Child, ca. 1924, pastel on paper, 11" x 15".

Collection: H1. Photographed by: K1.

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