Mrs. Miller Receives Jefferson Davis Medal for Preserving Confederate Heritage

From The Star-Tribune, Chatham, Virginia, Wednesday, December 27, 2000. Used with permission.

Harry and April Miller

Harry and April Miller display her newly-received Jefferson Davis Historical Medal.

On December 6, the Rawley Martin Chapter of the UDC met at Mrs. April Miller's home at Brightwood. This was a very special occasion for the chapter.

Since the objectives of the UDC are historical, educational, benevolent, memorial and patriotic, the Jefferson Davis Historical Medal is awarded "for excellence in history, essay writing, declamation and any other points of special attainment in keeping with the organization's aims and purposes."

This prestigious award was given to Mrs. Miller in recognition of her outstanding work for preserving our Confederate heritage through research on Pittsylvania County and the contributions of numerous families of the county during the War Between the States; by sharing her knowledge through the writing of the biographies and genealogies of local Confederate soldiers and their families; for documenting oral histories through interviews; for the articles written for the local newspapers and for creating a memorial cemetery for her families' Confederate soldiers buried in mass or unkinown graves. Mrs. Miller is the author of Shelton County, a genealogy that covers many of the families in Pittsylvania County.

JoAnne Lipscomb, April Miller, and Partha Payne

April Miller of Chatham (center) receives the Jefferson Davis Historical Medal from Rawley Martin Chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy. With Miller are JoAnne Lipscomb (left), Third District chairman of UDC, and Partha Payne (right), historian of the Rawley Martin Chapter.

Chapter President Mrs. Sallye Keith opened with the rituals. Mrs. Sara Spell, President of the Halifax Chapter in Halifax, Mrs. Becky Turner, President of the Mildred Lee Chapter in Martinsville, and Mrs. Claudia Dean, Membership Chairman Virginia DAR led in the pledges to the flags.

Mrs. Joanne Lipscomb of Lynchburg, the Third District Chairman of the UDC, and Mrs. Partha Payne, Historian of the Rawley Martin Chapter presented Mrs. Miller with the Jefferson Davis medal and certificate.

A Patriots Prayer with special remembrance of the Korean War Veterans was given by Mrs. Marry Leigh Boisseau, President of the Dorothea Henry DAR.

Other special guests included Mrs. Marion Heard and Mrs. Nancy Jennings, representing the Anne Eliza Johns Chapter in Danville; Mrs. Irene Fry of Gretna representing the Thomas Carter Chapter DAR; Mrs. Nancy Meadows representing the William Pitt Chapter DAR of Chatham. Among the honored guests included Mrs. Polly Wood, Mrs. Hazel Crider, and Mr. Harry Miller.

After the ceremony, Mrs. Miller served a delicious luncheon with all the dishes from her cookbook, My Table at Brightwood, that speaks with fondness of the Rawley Martin Chapter of Chatham.

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