Barbara Hall and Kim Clifton

Barbara Hall and Kim Clifton

First cousins Barbara Hall and Kim Clifton are captured together by the camera at a Wednesday Club meeting in Danville, Virginia, on November 5, 2003.

Kim Clifton is a writer, humorist, and columnist for Evince magazine, and also deeply involved in integration of advanced technology into education, commerce, and industry.

Barbara Hall on this occasion was guest speaker for the Wednesday Club, on the topic of “Manners and Writing: Long Day's Journey into Culture Shock.”

Hall has written for television shows such as Newhart, Northern Exposure, and Chicago Hope.

She developed and produced the CBS series Judging Amy and is more recently the creator and executive producer of the highly-acclaimed new CBS series Joan of Arcadia.

Hall is currently completing work on an eighth novel, Company, to be published by Simon and Schuster. Her last novel was A Summons to New Orleans.

Hall has received numerous awards for her books, and Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her creative work in television.


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