Gammon Field, Fort Benning, Georgia

Gammon Field, Fort Benning, Georgia

Gammon Field is one of Fort Benning, Georgia's Parade of Fields, each honoring a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. Archer T. Gammon of Chatham, Virginia, was honored posthumously with the Congressional Medal of Honor for heroic action near Bastogne, Belgium, on 11 January 1945. SSgt. Gammon was serving in the U.S. Army, Company A, 9th Armored Infantry Battalion, 6th Armored Division. (Photo provided by Calvin Gammon, Danville, Virginia.)

Aerial View, Gammon Field

This aerial view shows Gammon field and its running track.

Map, Gammon Field

This map diagrams the area shown in the above aerial photo.

Aerial View, Sand Hill Cantonment Area

This aerial view of the Sand Hill Cantonment Area shows Gammon field near the upper right. The white rectangle corresponds to the two images show immediately above on this page.

Map, Sand Hill Cantonment Area

This map diagrams the Sand Hill Cantonment Area. Gammon field is with the red rectangle at the right of the photo. The red rectangle corresponds to the white rectangle in the previous image.

Note: Except as otherwise noted, images from Fort Benning are provided by Dr. Roger T. Zeimet, Infantry Historian, Fort Benning; and Kenneth Holloway, Chief, Real Property Master Planning Branch, DFEL, Fort Benning.

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