… From Little Acorns Grow

1004 Cherrystone Road, Chatham, Virginia
By Henry H. Mitchell


Congressman Joseph Whitehead's “Briarwood,” built in the early 1900's, seems to tell a story of a family's rise in society. At the back is a simple two-story farmhouse, the main body of the house is a large “American Foursquare,” and the facade is a massive and impressive Neoclassical portico.

Cherrystone Road, just south of town, was a portion of U. S. 29 during the 1920's. Long before that, the hilltop plateau now occupied by Briarwood was the site of the “Tunstall Paths” horse-racing track, located on the eastern portion of the Tunstall family's Belle Grove plantation.

Briarwood also sits near the spot where W. H. Colbert's General Store and Isaiah Giles's blacksmith-wheelwright shop once crowded the road, creating a “tight squeeze,” the name now given to the surrounding crossroads community and to the nearby Tightsqueeze Plaza shopping center.

After the Whiteheads, other owners of Briarwood have included the Petty, Largen, and Little families.

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