An Amusing Postcard
from Dry Fork, Virginia

By Patricia B. Mitchell

Dry Fork Postcard

This postcard, probably from the 1930's or 1940's, was tucked away for many years amidst the stationery belonging to my mother, who lived the first half of her life in Dry Fork, Virginia. Since Dry Fork is utterly landlocked alongside White Oak Mountain in Pittsylvania County, 200 miles from the coast, it is obvious that the card's seaside illustration is a bit out of place! The postcard was of a type known in the trade as a “stock card,” the location “Dry Fork” having simply been custom-printed onto a waiting blank panel.

Dry Fork Postcard

The back of the card reveals that when it was printed, postage was one cent if mailed to the United States and its island possessions, as well as Cuba, Canada, and Mexico. “Foreign” destinations required two cents.

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