Henry Burnett's Streetcar Diner
Chatham, Virginia

(Now Garner's Streetcar Diner)

By Henry H. Mitchell

Burnett's Streetcar Diner

The bright red streetcar at 19 South Main Street was built by the Perley A. Thomas Car Company of High Point, North Carolina in 1923, and went to work on September 30 of that year as Danville Traction and Power Company Car No. 66.

It was retired from service on Danville's streetcar tracks (replaced by buses) in 1938, and purchased by brothers Henry, Frank, and Jessie Burnett for conversion as a Chatham diner in 1939. Henry Burnett and his wife Irma continued to operate a popular diner in the streetcar until the 1960's. Burnett's Diner was famous for the lively chili served on the hot dogs.

In 1996 the streetcar was recognized for its historical significance by means of inclusion on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places.

The streetcar is currently owned by Allan Easley, and is operated by Roy and Janet Garner as Garner's Streetcar Diner.

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