Philip Craft House: A Photo Album

View from southeast

View from the southeast of the original structure, ca. 1810.

View from southeast

Seen from the southeast but at a greater distance, the 1920's frame-construction wing is seen to the rear of the original brick house.

View from the south

A front view of the house, seen from the south.

View from the west

A view of the original portion of the structure, seen from the west.

View from the west

A more distant view from the west shows the 1920's wing of the house, and a screened porch built by the present owners.

View from the northwest

The screened porch and 1920's wing are seen from the northwest. The porch is paved with local brick contemporary in age with that used in the original portion of the structure.

View from the east

The original structure and the 1920's wing with later carport attached are seen from the east. The driveway approach to the house is along the right side of the picture.

View from the east-southeast

The side entrance can be seen in this view from the east-southeast.

East door

The east entrance, as with other door and windown openings in the original structure, has a distinct gauged brick jack arch with a forced middle key. The door itself has been reproduced in heart pine, in the traditional cross-and-bible design, from the original door found at the entrance to the interior staircase.

East chimney

The two sets of breaks and slopes are visible in this view of the haunches of the east chimney.

East chimney: rounded bricks

Rounded bricks can be seen along the north slopes of the east chimney.

East chimney: rounded bricks

Rounded bricks can be seen in sharp profile along the south slopes of the east chimney.

Southeast window

The east window on the south side of the house.

Foundation windows

Foundation windows have the same construction as other window and door openings, and ventilate a crawl space on the east side and a root cellar on the west side of the original structure.

Racking board and cornice

In this photograph are seen the racking board with dentil pattern (above), and the five-step brick corbelled cornice (below). The present racking board was reproduced from a fragment of the original.

Interior staircase

An interior staircase leads up from the west room on the main floor. This heart pine cross-and-bible door was used as a pattern for construction of replacements for three other doors which were missing. Note also the original cabinets built under the staircase.

Interior staircase detail

Detail of woodwork on interior staircase.

Fireplace, west room

The fireplaces exhibit a remarkable arched construction. This fireplace is in the west room. The mantels are reproductions made locally from heart pine.

Detail of fireplace, west room

Detail of fireplace in west room.

Fireplace, east room

The fireplace in the east room.

Hanging corner cupboard

A milk-painted hanging corner cupboard in the west room is of Pittsylvania County construction and provenance, and the approximate period of the Craft House.

View from west front window

The view from the west front window includes a pond. The pond dam is at the approximate location of the old Pigg River Road and Chatham - Hodnett's Mill Road intersection, which gave the Craft House's location its original significance.


An outdoor view of the pond and ancient road intersection site.

Upstairs bedroom

The upstairs room is a bedroom. Note the rope-tighteners on the bed.

Miniature fireplace

A miniature arched fireplace warms the upstairs bedroom.


A wall plaque indicates the house's historic register designations.


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