Tribute of Respect

At a meeting of the Session of High Point Church, August 1900, the following resolutions were adopted.

WHEREAS: - Ruling Elder W. W. Cobbs, our friend and brother, died May 30th, 1900, and he having been a faithful and efficient officer and a consistant member of our church over since its organization in 1887, therefore be it —

RESOLVED, 1st - That we extend to his bereaved Family our tenderest sympathy, and commend them to the Holy Spirit as their comforter.

RESOLVED, 2nd - That we accept the death of our brother as the Master calling him to a higher and nobler work. In the death of our dear brother we lose a good friend, and the church one of its most faithful members and earnest workers. He was a fine worker and did a great deal towards the upbuilding of the church and the spreading of the Gospel among his fellow creatures. He was a great Sunday School worker, and was enthusiastic in this branch of Christian work. He was superintendent of the Sunday School at this place for a long time.

He was a kind neighbor and a faithful friend, a frequent visitor to the sick and distressed. He was a broad, liberal-minded man, and while he was very tolerant and considerate of the opinions, views, and faults of others, his convictions were very strong and pronounced.

His loyalty and devotion to church, friends, and State were as firm as human faith and will could make them. He was zealous and exact in his religious duties.

In the home circle he was a model husband and father. His devotion to his family was second only to his God.

In the social life he was genial, cheerful, and pleasant to all acquaintances, and a thorough gentleman in all walks of life.

His memory will be enshrined in the hearts of his friends, and may his example inspire us to nobler and grander deeds, and lead us to a closer communion with our Lord and Father; and may we say always as he did so often in his last illness, “Not my will, but Thine be done, O Lord.”

RESOLVED, 3rd - That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the Pittsylvania Tribune, and to the Central Presbyterian for publication, and a copy be furnished the family, and be recorded in the minutes of the Church Session.

Dr. S. A. Reynolds, Clerk of Session

Henry Pearson

J. V. Reynolds (Deacon)

Vashti, Va.; August 14, 1900


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