Maud Carter Clement's Christmas Card

By Henry H. Mitchell

This Christmas card was custom-printed for Maud Carter Clement and hand-inscribed by her, probably during the 1960's. These images are taken from an example given in 1973 by Mrs. Clement's daughter-in-law Patsy Jane Whitehead Clement to her new neighbors George and Mary Catherine Haley. The Haley's home is across the street from the Maud Clement home and garden. The card remains in the Haley's collection and was provided by them for this article.

The subject of the illustration is Mrs. Clement's beloved garden, designed in the 1920's after that of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham. The photograph was taken from the upstairs rear of her home on North Main Street in Chatham, Virginia.

Christmas Card Front
Christmas Card Back
Christmas Card Inside

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