Maud Carter Clement's Antrim Parish, Halifax County 1752-1767

Editor's Introduction, by Henry H. Mitchell, 2002.

In 1952, Maud Carter Clement researched and composed this document for the vestry of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Chatham, Virginia, on the occasion of the bicentennial commemoration of the founding of the Anglican Church's Antrim Parish and its civil counterpart Halifax County, Virginia. I first became aware of the document when a copy was given to me in 1982 by Maud Clement's granddaughter Mary Rutledge Clement Ward.

The document came once again to public attention in 2001, when, at the suggestion of Emmanuel Episcopal Church vestryman Herman Melton, it was reprinted in two installments in the Winter and Spring issues of the Pittsylvania Historical Society's quarterly publication, The Packet.

In early 2002, the Hon. Whitt Clement, on behalf of the Clement family, authorized posting of the document on this website, along with another of Maud Clement's writings of the same period, An Abbreviated History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. It was deemed especially appropriate to give wide audience to this example of Mrs. Clement's work on its 50th anniversary and the 250th anniversary of the event it originally commemorated.

The tireless labors of Maud Carter Clement; and the sense of community history shared by the 1952 vestry of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, and now Herman Melton, Whitt Clement, and Mary Rutledge Ward, are deeply appreciated.

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