History of
Clarktown Presbyterian Church
Chatham, Virginia

Compiled 1985.

The Clarktown United Presbyterian Church was organized in 1896 by the Presbytery of Southern Virginia.

The nucleus for this mission was a Sunday Church School organized in 1896 by Miss Sarah Whittico, a Missionary supported by a group of concerned northern white women. Miss Whittico continued as a leader of the church school until the church was organized. There was no building in which Miss Whittico could carry on her missionary work, so she used the home of Mr. Charles Wilson or the oak tree in his yard.

In 1898, Mr. Hunt Hargrave gave the group one acre of land, a half acre to be used for a church building and one half for a cemetery.

In 1900, through support of the Board of National Missions an organizing Pastor was secured, the Rev. William B. Stitt. Under his leadership the first Multi-Purpose Building was erected.

Rev. Stitt was succeeded by a number of pastors, namely, Rev. W. E. Carr, Rev. John Davis, Rev. T. B. Hargrove, Rev. Agustus Montsuth, Rev. Metz Rollins, Rev. Blackmore and Rev. Hyder.

The present church was erected under the leadership of Rev. John Davis. Rev. Walter G. Anderson served as pastor for 1937 to 1963. Rev. Charles Kearns, 1963 thru 1968.

In 1969, the Rev. James Grant, pastor of the Chatham Presbyterian church, U. S., agreed to serve the church as Slated Supply upon agreement of the Presbytery of Southern Virginia, U. S. A. This agreement was terminated in 1976, when the Presbytery assigned the Rev. Robert Webster as Slated Supply. He continues to minister to the church today.

The church experienced continuous growth during the first thirty years of its life with each pastor making contributions to give us the present functional facility.

We are extremely grateful for the lives of those who made invaluable contributions to the mission of the church during their lifetime. We give thanks for such lives as Elder George Clark, Will Griggs, Richard H. Clarke, William Lacy, Henry Whittle, Charles M. Clark, John Brown, Annie Clark, Mollie Lacy, Belle Whittle and others.

We are grateful to the following lay persons for their roles in the church today. The Session Ruling Elders: Mrs. Cleopatra Clark, Clerk Emeritus; Mrs. Daisy Watson, Clerk; Mrs. Alma Hills; Mrs. Flossie Barksdale; Mr. Nathaniel Barksdale; and Mr. Harrison Jones. The Board of Deacons: Mr. Leland Clark; Mrs. Maggie Smith; and Mr. Filmore Watson. Trustees: Mrs. Sarah Wimbush; Mr. Emmett Clark; and Mr. George Witcher. Church School Staff and officers: Supt. Mrs. Bessie M. Younger; Asst. Supt. Mr. Richard Clark; Secretary, Mrs. Lorraine Witcher; Asst. Secretary, Mrs. Juanita Clark; Treasurer, Mrs. Sarah Wimbush; Treasurer of the Church, Mrs. Lorraine Witcher.

The Music Department was created by Mr. Maco Clark and is now under the leadership of Mrs. Roberta Younger.

There were three officers elected for 1985: Mr. Jonathan Jordan, Deacon; Mr. Richard Clark, Elder; and Mrs. Juanita Clark, Elder and Clerk of Session.

The men, women and youth of this church work as a group in giving leadership and support to the programs of this church.

We the members of Clarktown United Presbyterian Church, wish to express our appreciation to our many friends who through their interest and prayers have made our work possible.

We pray that God will guide and abundantly bless us as we face the years ahead.

The Session
Moderator, Rev. Robert L. Webster
Clerk of Session, Mr. Juanita Clark

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