Chatham High School Class of '65:
2005 Reunion

Members of the first graduating class of the "new" Chatham High School held their 40th-anniversary class reunion at Sir Richard's Steak House in Danville, Virginia on the evening of November 5, 2005.


Front-door check-in: Malon and Dianne Reynolds Shelton, Dorothy Jones Robertson, Martha Easley Foley, and Pam Crane Inge. (R1)

Wayne Roach

Wayne Roach, caught in the act of photography. (M1)

Mary Pat Crews Bleesz and Patsy Motley

Mary Pat Crews Bleesz and Patsy Motley. (R1)

Jerry Brumfield and Dexter Adams

Jerry Brumfield and Dexter Adams. (M1)

Earlene Ridella and Margaret Grove

Earlene Spencer Ridella and Margaret Davis Grove. (R2)

Herman Terry and Fred Carter

Herman Terry and Fred Carter. (M1)

Martha Easley Foley and Robbie Chamberlain Brockwehl

Martha Easley Foley and Robbie Chamberlain Brockwehl. (R1)

Janet Holland, Earlene Ridella, and Kaye Elliott

Janet Harris Holland, Earlene Spencer Ridella, and Kaye Jackson Elliott (Roy Crider is in background at right). (R2)

Patsy Motley, Susan Riddle, and Christine Bowen Crider

Patsy Motley, Susan Riddle, and Christine Bowen Crider. (R1)


In the beginning were rolls, chicken and shrimp. (M1)


The chow line continues. (M1)


Just des(s)erts. (M1)

Kaye Elliott, Earlene Ridella, and Catherine Cooney

Just Des(s)erts — also an appropriate name for CHS 65's new musical trio? — Kaye Jackson Elliott, Earlene Spencer Ridella, and Catherine Harvey Cooney. (R2)

Patricia and Henry Mitchell, Ron Miller

Patricia and Henry Mitchell and Ron Miller contemplate the food that disappeared. (R1)

Ron Miller

Ron Miller displays a door prize, just before the winner is announced. (M1)

CHS 65 Gathering

Carolyn Crane Mitchell, Kaye Jackson Elliott, Earlene Spencer Ridella, Vicki Brumfield Robinson (standing), Margaret Davis Grove, Janet Harris Holland (standing), Mary Pat Crews Bleez, Martha Easley Foley (standing), Donna Watson Hogg (standing), Cathy Harvey Cooney. (R2)

Ron Miller and J. D. Shelton

Ron Miller delivers a door-prize T-shirt to J. D. Shelton. (M1)

Earlene Ridella, Bettye Bailey, and Jettye Higgins

Earlene Spencer Ridella, Bettye Payne Bailey, and Jettye Payne Higgins. (R2)

Susan Riddle and Linda Jones Ellis

Susan Riddle and Linda Jones Ellis. (R1)

Bill Pruitt

Bill Pruitt. (R1)

Tom and Cathy Harvey Cooney

Tom and Cathy Harvey Cooney. (R1)

Don and Donna Watson Hogg

Don and Donna Watson Hogg. (R1)

Brenda Finch

Brenda Finch. (R1)

Rodger and Betty Holley

Rodger and Betty Holley. (R1)

Wayne and Arlene Roach

Wayne and Arlene Roach. (R1)

Henry and Tricia Mitchell

Henry and Tricia Mitchell. (R1)

Grace Brooks Allen

Grace Brooks Allen. (R1)

Carroll and Jettye Payne Higgins

Carroll and Jettye Payne Higgins. (R1)

Bobby and Bettye Payne Bailey

Bobby and Bettye Payne Bailey. (R1)

Billy and Evelyn Worley

Billy and Evelyn Worley. (R1)

Kaye Jackson Elliott

Kaye Jackson Elliott. (R1)

Ron Miller

Ron Miller. (R1)

Morris and Patsy Mahan Gauldin

Morris and Patsy Mahan Gauldin. (R1)

H. B. and Deborah Riddle

H. B. and Deborah Riddle. (R1)

Forrest and Victoria Wright

Forrest and Victoria Wright. (R1)

Alvin and Gladys Shelton Yeatts

Alvin and Gladys Shelton Yeatts. (R1)

Gordon and Brenda Hedrick Metz

Gordon and Brenda Hedrick Metz. (R1)

Tommy and Janet Harris Holland

Tommy and Janet Harris Holland. (R1)

John and Dorothy Wright Chludzinski

John and Dorothy Wright Chludzinski. (R1)

Woody and Laura Lee Lawrence Wilson

Woody and Laura Lee Lawrence Wilson. (R1)

C. B. and Linda Cundiff

C. B. and Linda Cundiff. (R1)

Cleve and Patricia Easome

Cleve and Patricia Easome. (R1)

Danny Daniel and Carolyn Stainback

Danny Daniel and Carolyn Stainback. (R1)

Watson Buntin and Judy Hughes

Watson Buntin and Judy Hughes. (R1)

Steve and Elaine Simmons Hoskins

Steve and Elaine Simmons Hoskins. (R1)

Fred and Jean Carter

Fred and Jean Carter. (R1)

Herman Terry

Herman Terry. (R1)

J. D. and Gloria Shelton

J. D. and Gloria Shelton. (R1)

James and Peggy Edwards

James and Peggy Edwards. (R1)

Gerry and Sandy Noell

Gerry and Sandy Noell. (R1)

John and Dinah Watson

John and Dinah Watson. (R1)

Malon and Dianne Reynolds Shelton

Malon and Dianne Reynolds Shelton. (R1)

Mason and Faye Cowan

Mason and Faye Cowan. (R1)

Butch and Rose Mary Motley Meadows

Butch and Rose Mary Motley Meadows. (R1)

Roy and Christine Crider

Roy and Christine Crider. (R1)

Earl and Diana Reynolds Blick

Earl and Diana Reynolds Blick. (R1)

Ryland and Brenda Amos Reynolds

Ryland and Brenda Amos Reynolds. (R1)

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