Canada-Melton House Photographs

Following are photographs of the Canada-Melton House, 270 North Main Street, Chatham, Virginia.

From the northeast

View from the northeast, along Main Street (photo by Herman Melton).

From the east

View from the east, along Main Street (Melton).

Entrance hall

Entrance hall, looking north from parlor (photo by Starr).


Entrance hall and balustrade to second floor, seen from parlor (photo by Desmond Kendrick).


Southeast corner of parlor (Starr).

Family room

View from family room looking south: kitchen is on left, outside door on right (Starr).


Kitchen, as seen from dining room (Starr).

West wall of kitchen

West wall of kitchen (Starr).

Kitchen cupboard

Kitchen cupboard over sink (Starr).


Kitchen, as seen from family room (Starr).

Downstairs bath

North wall of downstairs bathroom (Starr).

Downstairs bath

Downstairs bath, looking west (Starr).

Master bedroom

Master bedroom as seen from upstairs hall (Starr).

Master bedroom

Master bedroom, looking southeast (Starr).

Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom, looking southwest (Starr).

Wine cellar

East wall of wine cellar (Starr).


Patio, on the north side of the house, outside of the kitchen (Melton).

Gaslight generator house

Gaslight generator house, now used for a potting shed and storage (Melton).

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