Virginia Highway Marker: Callands Clerk's Office

Callands Clerks Office Highway Marker

Highway Marker Text

Clerks Office (Q-12a)

Site of first county seat of Pittsylvania County. The building that served as the debtor's prison, 1767-1771, and later as the clerk's office, 1771-1777, remains. Nearby stands the debtor's gaol, built in 1778. It later served as Samuel Calland's store and in 1808 became the post office for Callands.

Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission, 1971


The marker is located in Callands on the west side of VA 969, beside the Callands Clerk's Office, approximately 1/2 mile north of VA 57.

Since the marker was placed here in 1971, it has become generally agreed that the large building across the road (above referred to as “the debtor's gaol, built in 1778”) may actually be the original courthouse building, built in 1772, that was associated with this clerk's office.

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