Virginia Highway Marker:
Beavers Tavern

By Henry H. Mitchell

Beavers Tavern Marker

Highway Marker Text

Beavers Tavern (L-61)

The house to the east was Beavers Tavern, 1800-1840. This was the militia ground of the local militia and a popular stage station. John C. Calhoun was a frequent visitor here.

Conservation and Development Commission, 1929.


Marker along US 29 Business at Blairs

The marker is located on the east side of US 29 Business at Blairs, just north of Danville, at the Pittsylvania Professional Park.

The Beavers Tavern building was remodeled through the years as it continued to serve as home to descendants of the Beavers family, including the Blairs, for whom the community is now named (see “Beavers Tavern: The Beginnings of Blairs”). It is thought to have been severely damaged by fire at one time. Its last appearance was that of a large early-20th-century craftsman cottage. The residence and a double-bay slave cabin nearby were demolished when the Pittsylvania Professional Park was developed. A large Beavers plantation cemetery with poorly-marked graves remains in the wooded area to the east of the roadside marker. Graves there include both the Beavers family and their slaves. A detailed map of the cemetery was maintained by Beavers descendants, but that document now also seems to be lost.

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