Whittle and Drewry Histories Contributed

By Henry H. Mitchell

The Pittsylvania Historical Society recently received copies of two significant collections of genealogical material related to the Whittle and Drewry families. The materials were contributed by Henry D. Whittle, Jr., of Danville.

The first collection is a 60-page history of the Whittle family compiled by Mr. Whittle's grandmother, Ruth Drewry Whittle, shortly before her death in 1923. This document contains information of a number of of families in the Whittle line including: John Rolfe and Pocahantas; Bolling; Kennon; Sinclair; Davies (Daves); Redd; Drewry; and many others. A number of Virginia and Colonial America's “first families” are involved in this sketch.

The second collection is 88 pages of genealogy, photographs, documents, and letter and diary excerpts involving the Drewry and related families including Redd, Williams, Staples, Davis, McNair, Hatcher and many others. Also included in this collection is material which may be helpful in constructing genealogies of slave families. This group of documents was compiled during the 1980's by A. Chauncy Drewry Jr.

Both the Whittle and Drewry folders are available, non-circulating, to researchers at the Pittsylvania County Public Library in Chatham.


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