Bishop Francis McNeece Whittle

By Henry H. Mitchell

Francis McNeece Whittle

Francis McNeece was the seventh of nine Whittle brothers (James was second). A relative compiled the following account:

Right Rev. Francis [McNeece Whittle], D. D., L. L. D., graduated from the Theological Seminary of Virginia in 1847; was ordained deacon in St. Paul's Church, Alexandria the same year and ordained Priest in St. Paul's, Charleston, W. Va., Oct. 8th, 1848, by Bishop William Meade. He was successively Rector of Kanawha Parish, Kanawha County, West Va. 1847-48; St. James, Wortham Parish, Goochland County, Va. 1849-52; Grace, Berryville, Va. 1857-68. At the Council of Virginia held 1867 he was elected Assistant Bishop and became Bishop April 5, 1876.

He married Emily Cary Fairfax, daughter of Wilson Cary Fairfax and Lucy A. Griffith#8230;on May 15, 1848. The daughters: Mary Anne, died at Petersburg, was buried at Blandford Nov. 18, 1862; Julia, died during the war at Eldon and was buried there; Jane Eliza, died [Jan. 1870?] at Hopkinsville, aged about 12 or 14 years, where she was going to school at her relatives, the Misses Murray.


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