Summary of Official Military Records
of William E. Sims

William E. Sims

Company D, 21st Regiment Mississippi Volunteers

“The 21st Regiment Mississippi Infantry was organized about July, 1861, as the 1st (Brandon's) Battalion Mississippi Infantry, Companies A to I, some of which had previously been in the state service. About September, 1861, Companies K and L were added and the designation changed to 21st Regiment Mississippi Infantry.” [Paragraph found on the bottom of transcribed sheets of William E. Sims's military records.]

Enlistment Data

Enlistment data for William E. Sims (the records contain five differing entries):


Statement from a Yale Publication

William E. Sims. b. May 15, 1842, d. July 26, 1891.

“He enlisted as a private in the 21st Mississippi and served throughout the war in the Army of Northern Virginia. He was promoted to be sergeant at the battle of Fredericksburg, to be sergeant-major at the battle of Antietam, and adjutant at the second battle of Fredericksburg. He was wounded at Malvern Hill and again in the battle of the Wilderness, and was promoted to be brigade adjutant-general. He was taken prisoner at Cedar Creek and sent to Baltimore. On being exchanged, he was sent to Richmond and placed on the retired list, and was ordered to organize the Home Guards under General Brandon in Mississippi.”